Cory Franek

VP/Business Development

I'm Cory, son of the owner. I've grown up in the business of Security Integration and new technologies. I've been a right hand man to my father going back to April of 2006. I've seen every aspect of our company on site and behind closed doors. I'm a strong believer in the importance of network integrity and system design. 

Out side of work I'm a husband and a father to 4 kids. Ethan, Auna, Jordyn and Charlee. My wife Tiffany is a highly respected French bulldog breeder and she has a soft spot for rescuing horses. We were married in October of 2012 and haven't looked back since.


Company Resume

- Maintained reliable video surveillance and access control systems for the Denver Police Department for 6 Years.
- Designed and built multiple elementary, middle and private school security control systems.
- 10 years I've helped manage 250 clients.
- Maintained a working relationship with 4 international property management companies for 5 years.
- 11 years Vendor relations
- 10 years of Quality Control and System Troubleshooting onsite and remotely
- Met the needs and requirements of Government clients to design, build and install security control systems up and down the front range.
- Office operations and management for 5 years
- Pulled wire and system infrastructure for 10 years.
- Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.)
- Digital Design, Video production and Marketing for 10 years
- Staying up to date on training, technology and trade education for 15 years

JD Franek

CEO/President/Project Manager