With the help of some very significant individuals, RMI Security was founded by JD Franek in January of 2002.


The RMI Security team is family owned and operated. We specialize in commercial and executive security control systems. We provide solutions with access control, video surveillance and burglar alarm integration. Your needs are important and we understand those needs are specific. Security in the workforce is delicate but mandatory to our customers because they want protection for their assets, people and property. Our customers value security and technology because they know it’s a tool for their success.
RMI Security was established in 2002.

 RMI is an SBE Certified Company and also a Colorado Small Business. Our mission is to deliver unrivaled service and products to our customers. Our goal is to bring you the best end to end security by utilizing technology integration. Along with our team we are happy to help you with all of your low voltage design and wiring.


Cory Franek

VP/Business Development

I'm Cory, son of the owner. I've grown up in the business of Security Integration and new technologies. I've been a right hand man to my father going back to April of 2006. I've seen every aspect of our company on site and behind closed doors. I'm a strong believer in the importance of network integrity and system design. 

Out side of work I'm a husband and a father to 4 kids. Ethan, Auna, Jordyn and Charlee. My wife Tiffany is a highly respected French bulldog breeder and she has a soft spot for rescuing horses. We were married in October of 2012 and haven't looked back since.


Company Resume

- Maintained reliable video surveillance and access control systems for the Denver Police Department for 6 Years.
- Designed and built multiple elementary, middle and private school security control systems.
- 10 years I've helped manage 250 clients.
- Maintained a working relationship with 4 international property management companies for 5 years.
- 11 years Vendor relations
- 10 years of Quality Control and System Troubleshooting onsite and remotely
- Met the needs and requirements of Government clients to design, build and install security control systems up and down the front range.
- Office operations and management for 5 years
- Pulled wire and system infrastructure for 10 years.
- Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.)
- Digital Design, Video production and Marketing for 10 years
- Staying up to date on training, technology and trade education for 15 years

JD Franek

CEO/President/Project Manager